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Each team will consist of 2 players. Pre-registration is required. Registration is first-come, first-serve up to the first 32 teams. Double elimination and standard rules apply. All boards are 2ft x 4ft and made of wood. Bags weigh 1lb each. Cash prizes are paid out 50/50 based on the $30.00/team registration fee. A full bracket of 32 teams will result in a 1st place team prize of $240.00; 2nd place team prize of $120.00; 3rd place team prize of $90.00; and 4th place team prize of $30.00.

Registration Fee: $30.00 / team
Registration Fee (After Wednesday, August 30): $40.00 / team
Official Rule

Bags Tournament Registration

Please complete the below form to register for the bags tournament. Upon successful completion, you will be redirected to the payment website to complete your registration. Registrations will not be considered complete unless the registration fee is received.

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bags tournament

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