Sunday, September 5th
11:00 a.m. Team Check-in
12:00 p.m. Bags Tournament Begins
Pre-registration Preffered | Limited On-site Registration

Click Here To Register!
Online Registration is through Village of Lake in the Hills Recreation Division CommunityPass Website

Early Registration Fee: $40.00 / 2-player team

Registration Fee (After Wednesday, September 1): $50.00 / 2-player team

Registering team member must be 18 years or older,
secondary team member must be 15 years or older.

Call it Cornhole. Call it Bean Bag Toss or Bags or Bag Toss. Call it whatever you like, just get your throwing arm ready to participate in the annual Summer Sunset Festival Bags Tournament on Sunday, September 5th brought to you by the Village of Lake in the Hills Recreation Division.

This double-elimination recreational tournament will pit you against the best for a chance to win first through third payouts, trophies, and more. Pre-registration is required. Registration is first-come, first-serve up to the first 32 teams. Payout amounts are pending pre-registration. Boards and bags will be provided, competition wood boards are 2ft x 4ft bags weighing 1lb each, and standard rules apply.

The prizes include one set of collapsible portable boards for each player on the winning team. Pre-registration preferred; Limited on-site registration; fee is per two-player teams, and fees are non-refundable,

Click Here for Official Rules of Cornhole

This tournament REQUIRES AT LEAST ONE team member to download the Scoreholio app for their iOS or Android device BEFORE YOU ARRIVE.

This app is free and will be used in conjunction with on-site scoreboards to help submit all scores, call all players to their designated games on their designated court, as well as keep them or their family/friends up to date on the tournament progress.

Scoreholio makes tournaments more interactive and fun!

  • Everybody can see who’s playing where and how everybody is doing via the awesome event dashboard.
  • Fans and friends around the world can view the same dashboard on their phone, tablet, or computer, Click Here for this events dashboard!
  • After each frame, players enter their points with a few taps, and the tournament dashboard is instantly updated. When the game is over, they’ll submit the result and Scoreholio will automatically update the standings and assign the next pair of teams to play on that court.
  • Push Notifications: App notifies players when they’re up, and which court they’re on.

Simply click to download the app on your preferred device and set up your free account.

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